9 Smart and Energy-Saving Ways to Prepare for Fall

September 28th, 2010 | Posted by tjones in Environment

With the first rainy days of autumn having arrived in the Northeast, homeowners are beginning to prepare their apartments and houses for the colder weather.  As the days grow shorter and cold, more people will be spending time indoors.  Heating and energy costs will rise, and exposure to household chemicals and other dangerous substances will increase.

Green Depot is fortunate to be able to recommend and supply any number of innovative, safe, and energy-efficient products to help anybody survive the autumn chill as winter hibernation draws ever more near.  This season, we are glad to suggest these nine ideas to make the season more comfortable.

1.  Humidifiers

Home heating systems, whether through radiators or ventilation systems, sucks moisture out of the air and can leave one with dry skin and eyes; dry air can also seriously aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and nosebleeds.

Choosing a humidifier isn’t a terribly difficult decision to have to make, but it’s important to ensure the humidifier is antimicrobial so that unwanted bacteria aren’t released into the air.  Green Depot carries multiple models of safe and healthy humidifiers – some of which are Energy-Star rated.  They range anywhere from $49.95 to $199.99.  Click here to see Green Depot’s full catalogue of humidifiers.

2. The Electrolux Ergorapido

The Electrolux Ergorapido is a cordless two-in-one vacuum cleaner that converts from a stick vacuum for cleaning bare floors, to a hand vacuum for spot-cleaning around the home.  There are no bags to buy, since it sucks all of the dirt into a dust cup.  What makes it green?  The Electrolux Ergorapido is deigned to remove dust, particulates, and allergens, helping to clean the air in your home – certainly a more comfortable way to spend the autumn, especially for people with respiratory conditions.

3. Air Filters: Easy Breathing

Air filters come in any number of sizes and styles for a wide range of applications, from purifying the air of allergens, to removing odors and gasses.  In terms of environmental benefits, all of the green products that Green Depot carries are either produced locally, or are energy efficient, or are built by companies that manufacture responsibly.  The Andrea Air Purifier, for example, uses living plants and soil to clean the air of toxic gases such as formaldehyde, and is produced using responsible manufacturing practices.

4. Air and Water Test Kits

Many common household items can be hazardous to the health.  Green Depot recommends visiting the CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health, whose website has a wealth of information on carbon monoxide poisoning, leading poisoning, and other environmental chemicals.  For the individual looking to determine if there are environmental chemicals present in the home, Green Depot offers a full spectrum of home test kits – allowing the homeowner to easily test their house or apartment for mold, pesticides, radon gas, water quality and bacteria, asbestos, lead… the list goes on and on, but the test kits are always available at www.greendepot.com.

5. Insulation

We’ve touted the environmental and personal benefits of insulating your home before, and of course the cool autumn weather is a simple reminder that colder winters are ahead.  Insulating the home saves energy and cost of heating, and Green Depot carries a variety of different insulations – some of which can be shipped  directly to your home, in certain states – all of which has significant health and environmental benefits over standard insulation.

6. Weatherization

We’ve also discussed weatherization in the past.  Filling in the nooks and holes where cold air is let in, and heated air is let out, is an important part of ensuring that the home is energy efficient.  Weatherizing saves energy – benefitting the homeowner’s environmental footprint as well as the pocketbook.

7. Household Cleaners

Using green cleaning products is a sure way to make the household environment healthier for both the people living there and for the earth.  A green home has been tested for allergens, molds, and other hazards like formaldehyde and radon gas.  It uses cleaning products that keep our watersheds clean and safe for marine life.  Green Depot carries whole categories of green cleaning products – tools, recycling containers, cleaners, drain openers, laundry supplies, mold remediation, pest control, reference books, and vacuums.

8. Pest Control: Bed Bug Free

We’ve already discussed the current bed bug epidemic that’s affecting thousands of people in all metropolitan areas – the idea of encountering bed bugs in the autumn is perhaps more troubling than in the summer.  The idea of living in a shuttered autumn home with the incredibly toxic conventional sprays is even more harrowing.  Using an environmentally-friendly and healthy bed bug repellant like Bed Bug Free is a welcome solution for everyone cursed by bed bugs.

9. Door Mats and Boot Trays

Rainy winter days mean wet and muddy boots.  Purchasing a boot tray or doormat is simple enough, but choosing one that is kind on the environment can be trickier.  Green Depot carries two products to address this – a tray made from recycled polypropylene (which doubles as a planter in the summer!) or a recycled lobster rope doormat.  The lobster rope doormat is produced locally, using responsible labor practices, with recycled rope used to tether lobster traps in Maine.

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