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September 23rd, 2010 | Posted by tjones in Environment

One of the most dynamic focuses of the green movement right now is the emphasis on sourcing products and ingredients locally with reusable, rather than disposable, materials.  The benefits of buying locally, reusing, and ensuring the environmental safety of any product is substantial.

Cleaners, which nearly everyone uses, have any number of negative ecological consequences.  They use significant amounts of material and energy to produce and ship over long distances; their chemicals are often petroleum-based; they cannot be refilled with any convenience; and they are far from being biodegradable.  Indeed, the synthetic chemicals that most cleaners use can be toxic and flush directly from our homes into the watershed with consequences for marine life.

The toxic solvents, fragrances, and chemicals present in common cleaners also poses health threats to the human people as they evaporate.

Finding green product alternatives to conventional cleaners, then, is paramount.  Choosing a cleaner like Green Depot’s cleaning line – not only available at Green Depot but at Whole Foods as well – is likely one of the most viable solutions available.

These cleaners are remarkable for a few reasons.  Their ingredients are entirely biodegradable, non-toxic, and water-soluble.  The larger-sized bottles are intended for reuse – especially compelling is the ability to refill the products at Green Depot’s filling station in NYC.

Moreover, the products are made in New York City – sustaining the local economy and saving on transportation and shipping costs.  Especially for people in the tri-state area, the decision on choosing a cleaner – both to protect our homes and our waterways – is simple.

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