Using Your Most Precious (Free) Resource: Tap Water!

November 8th, 2010 | Posted by tjones in Green Products | Living Green | Water Conservation | Water Quality

As the New York Times reported on Sunday, there is a growing nation-wide movement to ban the sale of bottled water on college and university campuses.  Prominent institutions like Seattle University and the University of Wisconsin have reportedly banned all sales of bottled water; others, with multiyear contracts to beverage companies, have compromised and removed bottled water from their meal plans.

Water is essential to life, and many of us rely on bottled water when we’re away from the home.  In New York City, our tap water is unparalleled in quality, but many people are discouraged from drinking tap water because of an unsavory taste.

But bottled water is expensive, and most bottles either go straight to landfills or wind up in our waterways, eventually making their way to the ocean.  And this is not to mention the carbon footprint of bottled water, as those bottles are produced using petroleum products and then shipped up to thousands of miles.  Bottled water is neither a cost-effective, nor environmentally-friendly way to stay hydrated.


There have likely never been more options available to the consumer seeking to replace their bottled water habit with the more humble reusable water bottle.  Water bottles are a reusable green product that can last years and years – long after flimsy disposable bottles have been sent to the landfill or recycling center.

Aquavo’s  Therm-O Bottle is a double-walled glass thermos, insulating your beverage to keep it cold or hot all day long.  Some plastic water bottles contain potentially-dangerous BPAs, but that’s not a risk for this glass bottle.

For those who prefer filtered water on the go, the BPA-free Bobble Water Bottle contains a built-in filter to remove chemicals and impurities.

The classic Klean Kanteen is made from food-grade, 100% recyclable stainless steel – nearly indestructible, and BPA-free.

koroneThe Kor One Water Bottle is a beautiful piece of design, BPA-free and designed to be melted down for reuse by the manufacturer if they are ever discarded.

For more water bottles and other green products, visit Green Depot online.

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