YOLO Colorhouse: The Birth of a Non-Toxic Paint Company

November 1st, 2010 | Posted by cramcharran in Environment

Virginia Young and Janie Lowe, founders of YOLO Colorhouse.

They say that if you want to change the world, start with yourself–and that way of thinking has led to the creation of many a green business. Portland-based visual artists Virginia Young and Janie Lowe certainly took it to heart: When they saw a need for house paint that wouldn’t give off toxic fumes, they simply went out and started their own line.

The two had just moved from NYC to Portland to have a simpler life, more access to nature and more time for their art, when they started a painting business together to pay the bills. Using their experience as artists, they soon created their own range of set colors to make it easier for their customers to choose colors for their homes.

But as time passed, they noticed that nearly every work day ended with sore throats, headaches and bad moods. They suspected it was the paint’s fault, so they looked into the ingredients of normal, water-based latex paint and discovered the wide range of toxic chemicals it contains—many of which are known to cause the exact health problems they were experiencing.

They began working on their own line of zero-VOC paints right away, starting with simple formulas of clay and rice paste, which turned out to be both unpredictable and too costly. So they moved on to working with chemists to produce paints that offered the price point and performance they and their customers needed, but without any of the toxic chemicals found in traditional paints. They managed to formulate a range of paints without carcinogens, phthalates, formaldehiyde, VOCs, or air pollutants of any kind, and thus YOLO (from YOung and LOwe) Colorhouse was born. They now offer over 125 colors in 4 lines–for interiors, exterior work, kids’ rooms and general use.

Along with its generous selection of other low- and zero-VOC paints, Green Depot carries the entire YOLO Colorhouse line.

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