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March 25th, 2011 | Posted by tjones in Air Quality | Environment | Green Homes | Green Products | Living Green | Water Quality

One of the topics that might be on your mind currently is ensuring a healthy home environment.  It seems that in recent weeks, contamination of the air, of water, and of food has come to the forefront of many peoples’ agendas.

Chemical contamination and pollution in the home can be extensive.  Whether from the cleaners we use, or the air fresheners we’ve become accustomed to, or the paints and caulks we use to build our homes, or the quality of the pipes in our home, the home environment can be rife with dangerous gases and pollutants that may harm human health.

For those of us looking to conduct an extensive audit on the sources of pollution and radiation in the home, the EPA provides a booklet on indoor air quality which can be found by clicking here. But also keep in mind that Green Depot carries a full line of testing kits, as well as air purifyers.


Green Depot is currently running a promotion on Austin Air purifiers – running up to 20% off.  Purifiers help to keep air healthy in the home, both on an every day basis and in the event of an emergency or disaster, when the quality of indoor air may be compromised by atmospheric particulates.

Water quality might also be of concern in the household.  Older homes may still have lead piping.  Green Depot carries a wide range of  green products to help ensure the health of the indoor environment, including air and water quality testing kits and air quality monitors.  These can provide an audit of your home for: bacteria in the water, lead in water, paint, and dust, carbon monoxide, radon gas, mold, pesticides in water, radon in water, asbestos, and lead surfaces.

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