Saving Space on Indoor Growing Materials

April 10th, 2011 | Posted by tjones in Environment | Gardening | Green Homes | Living Green

Growing in woolly pockets on the wall.One of the challenges that I have always faced in a small apartment has been not only where to garden, but where to store all of my gardening supplies.

I live in a small apartment in Brooklyn, with four roommates.  It’s a tight space, and storage area is limited.  Whatever space we do use has to be shared equally, and fairly.  This can make some activities like gardening or composting difficult to coordinate – where can I store all of my excess seeding trays, for example, after I am done using them for the spring?

It can also be difficult finding space to share in sunny windows.  Living in New York City, it’s not uncommon to hear stories on how bedroom and other windows face directly into an alleyway (actually, my own bedroom is no exception).  Maximizing space becomes essential to growing houseplants and vegetables successfully.

Below are two options to help growing in a small apartment a little more feasible.


Woolly Pockets planters come in two different styles: Freestanding Islands, and Living Wall Systems.  They are both constructed from 100% post-consumer recycled thick felt that allows excess moisture to evaporate, and a moisture-barrier reservoir that holds water for plants to draw from.  The wall system is totally modular – allowing stacking to create an entire indoor or outdoor living wall, saving valuable space near windows.

Cowpot Seed Starting flats are an amazing green product not only because they will save space that would otherwise go to storing plastic, petroleum-based (and non-biodegradable!) seed flats, but because of their essential design.  They are made from renewable, composted cow manure that can be planted directly into the ground and biodegrade completely.  A manufacturing process removes any of the weeds, pathogens and odor that may be present in the manure.

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