If Bamboo Floors Aren’t Your Style, Maybe Cork Is!

May 11th, 2011 | Posted by tjones in Green Products

We wrote earlier about the benefits of bamboo flooring – one of the most sustainable flooring options available on the market today.  But bamboo might not be the best option for everyone – which is why cork is another handy, sustainable option.

Cork is an industry that is more or less inherently sustainable.  It’s a trade that goes back countless generations.  Cork is harvested by stripping the trees of their bark, which is then processed into pressed cork board – but this process does not harm the trees themselves.  It’s a fact that an actively-harvested cork tree live between 150 and 250 years.

Producers harvest cork by stripping the bark from the trees in long, side slabs.  They then process the bark, first by punching out wine corks, and then by grinding the remaining scraps.  These pieces are pressed back together to make flooring – like ours! – and other products.

The purchase of cork contributes to an industry that prevents land from reverting to desert by keeping a forest cover on otherwise arid land.  It’s estimated that this protects up to 5.5 million acres from desertification.  Cork forests provide invaluable habitat for many indigenous species like the endangered Iberian Lynx.  For these and many other reasons, the world’s largest producer of cork, Portugal, has made it illegal to cut down cork trees.  Harvesting schedules are set by law to ensure that each tree has nine years to regenerate its bark after being harvested.


Our flooring sale continues this week! Through May 31st, we’re offering 10% off all cork and bamboo flooring.  We offer two brands of cork flooring – DMI cork floors, and Natural Cork Floors.  Both are made from rapidly-renewable cork.  Our DMI Cork Floors are available in both tongue-and-groove and glue-down tiles.  Cork is a warm, quiet, comfortable and resilient building material which is naturally resistant to pests and mold.  DMI cork floors come with a factory-applied, acrylic-urethane matte protective finish.  Natural Cork floors are manufactured with Acrodur from BASF to eliminate harmful ingredients such as phenol, formaldehyde, and isocyanates from the binding process, significantly reducing offgassing without compromising the performance of the floor.

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