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August 19th, 2011 | Posted by tjones in Green Homes | Green Products

The first summer after my freshman year as an undergraduate, I worked in a home improvement center.  One of my favorite jobs was installing countertop.  For the affluent resort community where I was working, new countertop meant huge slabs of pure marble and granite – high-quality materials, surely, but the thought crossed my mind more than once: stone isn’t an infinite resource; what will happen to these countertops when the owner chooses to remodel?  Are there any sustainable alternatives available?

Enter Squak Mountain Stone.  The story of Squak is quite remarkable.  The company was founded by Amee Quiriconi as a project dreamed up in a graduate school paper.  The idea was to find a product or service that would benefit the local economy, which in the past had been imported from elsewhere.  The idea became a business venture for Quiriconi, and she used her knowledge of engineering, construction, and research to develop a truly sustainable countertop surface and market it nationally.

Conventional countertops are constructed from a single slab of stone, or from a chemical composite, or even from compressed wood particles.  They can be petroleum-based, or extracted from strip mines, or pressed from forests that were conventionally and non sustainably harvested.  Conventional countertop options available on the market today are certainly not the most sustainable option available to the consumer.

Squak Mountain Stone, on the other hand, is a fibrous-cement material that is comprised of recycled paper, recycled glass, and low-carbon cement.  It’s a fantastic, sustainable, and durable alternative to natural or quarried stone and resembles soapstone or limestone.  It’s rustic and varied, providing a unique accent to any home kitchen or bathroom.  But these slabs aren’t only used in the home – they have been used to construct benches, tabletops, hearths, stairways, and signs.

Not only is squak mountain stone unique, but comes in five different colors to match any home: in natural (grey), latte (light brown), otter (dark brown), thunder (charcoal), and Quinault (forest green).

Take a look around Squak Mountain Stone’s website to learn more about their products, their remarkable story, and their commitment to sustainable home building materials.

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