Tiny Food Gardens

December 3rd, 2010 | Posted by tjones in Gardening | Living Green | Sustainability - (0 Comments)

Several weeks ago I was very fortunate to attend the annual Green Schools Alliance Summit with Green Depot’s CEO, Sarah Beatty, and Kate Legere, our merchandise manager.

The keynote speaker was Ian Cheney of Wicked Delicate, a Brooklyn-based production company perhaps most famous for their documentary, King Corn.  King Corn is a feature documentary about the industrialization of the family farm – of the transition from a local, small-scale agricultural system to a centralized, corporate farm system encouraged by government subsidies and genetically-modified corn and soybean varieties.

Ian’s message was a simple but profound one: the sorts of food commonly consumed in America – mostly processed foods based on refined carbohydrates – is not healthy for us or the planet, and has led to the enormous spike in obesity and diabetes rates.  One piece of the solution is to reengage with what we grow, and how we grow things.  In other words, to make local and sustainable food, and growing even just a tiny bit of that, a common presence in our lives.

And to that end, why not consider some more winter gardening options that can bring growing things into the home?


Seed Bombs by Visualingual allow you to “practice random acts of gardening.”  These gumball-sized packet of seeds allow you to toss the bombs anywhere there is dirt and watch things grow.  They are handmade and come in a hand-screenprinted muslim bag, and contain either wildflower seeds, or herb seeds.  Speaking of food, the herb bombs contain basil, dill, cilantro, chives, and parsley.

Woolly Pockets planters come in two different styles: Freestanding Islands, and Living Wall Systems.  They are both constructed from thick felt that allows excess moisture to evaporate, and a moisture-barrier reservoir that holds water for plants to draw from.  The wall system is totally modular – allowing stacking to create an entire indoor or outdoor living wall.

Rice Hull Gardens are a complete gardening set for indoors or outdoors.  The pots are made from rice grain husks and organic pigments – they are constructed from highly renewable resources.  The pots last for up to five years and are 100% biodegradable.  They come with many different kinds of herb seeds already contained within – available in lemon basil, lavender, parsley, oregano, garlic chives, heirloom sweet pepper, heirloom mini-tomato, and an organic basil boutique.

Also consider composting to fill the containers for your tiny food garden. Indoor composting need not be the smelly nightmare many apartment owners fear it will be.  The NatureMill Home Composter fits under a kitchen counter, and using gentle electric warmth to speed up the decomposition process, ensures a steady supply of compost all winter long for the spring garden.  And, it is entirely odor free.

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