Fireclay Tile: Reusing Your Old Toilets for the Good of the Earth

August 31st, 2011 | Posted by tjones in Green Building | Green Homes | Green Products

One of the most innovative instances of upcycling (that is, converting waste materials into new materials or products that have a greater environmental value) that we’ve come across is Fireclay Tiles.

NPR’s Morning Edition was quick to pick up on this story as well for its sheer ingenuity: Fireclay Tile uses discarded porcelain toilets to make tiling.

It’s an excellent use for the old toilets.  According to the manager of the landfill where Fireclay first began sourcing their old toilets, those useless products were being sent to Asia to be recycled.  Fireclay began buying up these toilets by the tonnage, and grinding them down into a sandy material to be mixed in with clay.

The results of this project have been substantial.  Today, Fireclay’s Debris Series Recycled tile uses over 60% locally-sourced post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled materials to create all sorts of green products: field, trim, and decorative tile.  The tiles are fired in kilns using natural gas, using energy-efficient processes.  Additionally, Fireclay Debris Series tiles are 100% VOC-free.

What’s more, is that using Debris Series tiles can qualifying a building for LEED points.

To check out the Fireclay tile that Green Depot carries, click here.

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